Dana Wylie

Live Video!


 Thanks to Ron Checora of Optickle Pictures, there now exists a lovely little document of part of our December 15th show at Mike Tulley's place here in Edmonton. It was something of a special show, because Mike has been host to us several times over the last few years, and his place (which is wonderfully unique as both a dwelling and as a performance space) is not going to be around much longer. If you watch the video (by clicking here!) you'll catch a glimpse of the wonderful old building right at the beginning. I don't know exactly what its fate is, but I imagine that that corner of Jasper and 95th is basically a condo waiting to happen. I'm sure the ground there is soaked in the drool of many of Edmonton's abundance of real estate developers. I'm really going to miss that place, and I'm so glad to have this video of our last time there. I hope you enjoy watching it.

In other news, keep an eye out for our forthcoming album. We'll be having a release party sometime in June, once I have my Bachelor of Arts properly in the can, but it might just be made available before then. We're likely going to have the CDs themselves in our possession by March, so why sit on them! If you would like to be among the first to know when they are ready for the buying and the listening, just send me an email at dana@danawylie.net (or fill out the little form on the Contact page), and tell me so.

Cheers all!