In three decades of musical performance and study, I’ve developed a deep and diverse pool of knowledge and experience – as a singer, a songwriter, a band leader and front person, a side player, a multi-instrumentalist, a self-professed theory geek, a maker of recording projects, a musical director, and a life-long student of musical histories and cultures. 

“Teacher” is not something I’ve actively sought to add to this list. But at some point, people began asking me for advice, guidance, and mentorship. And I’ve come to love working with musicians of all levels, exploring their questions and quandaries, and encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and creativity. 

As well as doing standard piano, voice, and guitar lessons, I’ve helped professional musicians write and learn harmony vocals in preparation for touring and recording; I’ve helped folks brush up on theory; I’ve helped singers build the confidence to love and to use their own unique voices; and one student and I even threw ourselves headlong into an esoteric discussion of music-making philosophies and the mysteries of the artistic process. 

So whatever your musical goals, questions, conundrums, or interests, I’d love to help you achieve them, answer them, explore them, or nurture them. Or all of the above.

Email me at and tell me what you want to do!

To get a sense of my background and qualifications, you can see my full CV here

But to give a general idea: I started my musical life in choirs and with classical training in voice, piano, and theory. I then studied musical theatre, and worked for a number of years as an actor/singer, a musical director, and occasionally as a pit-band keyboardist. I then left all that behind to pursue the life of a gigging singer-songwriter, first cutting my teeth playing and singing in all kinds of bands – blues bands, bluegrass bands, cover bands, jazz bands – and then touring fairly relentlessly for years with my own bands, recording several studio albums on the way. (I am currently working on my sixth.) I also left touring life behind for a few years to do a BA Hons in music – during which time I advanced my knowledge of theory and tonal harmony, and got a solid grounding in musicology, ethnomusicology, and cultural studies. I continued this pursuit into an MA program, deepening my study of music as art, music as a social practice, music as prayer, and music as BEING. And I’m now back to being a full-time maker and teacher, always working towards integrating the various skills and practices I’ve acquired along the way. 

And here are some testimonials from folks who have worked with me: 

“Wow. I just spent about an hour workshopping harmonies for a couple new songs with Dana Wylie, and it was $50 hella well spent! God, she's so good. Not only for her toweringly comprehensive knowledge of every side of music-making, but also for her artist's understanding of the creative choices involved. She understands the theory inside out, but she's most interested in helping you get to what YOU WANT to hear. 
If there's anything you or your group want help with, whether it's working out harmonies or arrangements, getting ready for a recording, getting better at singing, piano, or guitar, or just generally taking something from bad to badass, Dana Wylie's your gal.” 

Scott Cook, award-winning singer-songwriter and road warrior par excellence 

“Dana has a way of making me feel extremely capable. That, combined with the ability to flawlessly demonstrate absolutely anything on the piano or with her voice, makes growth as a student feel limitless. She is an absolute inspiration.” 

Melissa Walker, professional bass player and back-up singer

"To be able to sit for an hour with someone of Dana’s musical caliber is not something I have done often in life. To discuss theory, musical inspiration, guitar tunings and how to approach song writing in a relaxed living room environment is special, very special. Yes, I felt intimidated but that was my own making. She will stretch you and help you grow musically if that is a goal in your life. My advice is to start now. Thank you, Dana, for spending quality time with me over several weeks."

– Mike Lavoie, photographer and amateur songwriter and guitarist