Dana is a rare package -- a songwriter's songwriter, a singer's singer, and a multi-instrumentalist's multi-instrumentalist. She's truly an amazing talent.”

— Grant Stovel, CKUA Radio

Short Snappy Bio

Dana has carved a uniquely wandering path through music; she cut her teeth in jug bands, bluegrass bands and cover bands in Taiwan, toured steadfastly with her own band in the UK, released three critically-praised albums, then landed back in Canada to pursue a Masters in musicology. Her new album, The Earth That You’re Made Of, expresses the grounded but revelatory wisdom of the pilgrim who thinks she may have just found her way home. Journalist, broadcaster, and festival director Peter North called it “one of the finest contemporary roots recordings to have ever been produced in Alberta, period.”


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Dana Wylie Band – 7-piece

Dana Wylie Band – Trio

Dana solo

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Contact – dana@danawylie.net


Praise for The Earth That You're Made Of:

"Dana Wylie is a bright light from the great west...her singing is brimming with soul and songs and their great arrangements are unique and strong... Her ideas are elegant and classic—but also unbound by genre...I can’t wait to hear her again ” – Colin Linden

“…one of the finest contemporary roots recordings to have ever been produced in Alberta, period.” – Peter North, Artistic Director, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival

"Crystal clear voice, skilfully constructed songs and formidable piano, guitar, and arrangement chops…it's the songs that make this album a winner." – Penguin Eggs Magazine

 "…a very well defined and recorded album of wonderful songs. It really feels that the planets were aligned for songs, arrangements, musicians, and production." – Tom Coxworth, CKUA Radio

"Her voice has an arresting purity that slides between strength and vulnerability…she plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano and keyboards and even penned horn or string arrangements for half the tracks on her latest album…even with all those extras Wylie’s voice and songwriting remain the highlight of the set." – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

"Subtle and lulling, her voice is the sound you’d hear in a forest haunted by benevolent ghosts." – Michael Dunn, BeatRoute Magazine

"I think that Wylie is a rare contemporary musician who has refreshed and strengthened this good old genre…while staying true to its essence. It’s stardust folk." Hande Eagle, UK-based arts writer and translator

Praise for previous albums:

“Wylie shows the intuitive grace, smart, lyrical economy, and the ability to find insights in everything or anything that you expect of a mature songwriter.” – Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

“[Dana Wylie] stands out from the pack with the maturity of her musical vision, which combines elements of folk, pop, and jazz…she’s the only artist this critic has felt comfortable comparing favourably to Joni Mitchell in the scope of her talent EVER.” – Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs Magazine

Links to full articles:

Edmonton Journal, October 4th, 2017: Getting Grounded Leads to Singer's Most Arresting Music Moments Yet

BeatRoute Magazine, October 3rd, 2017: Dana Wylie: Ousting the Academy

Interview with Russell Bowers on CBC Radio's Daybreak Alberta, October 28th, 2017

This one you have to download (it's not online):

Venues played (selected):

New Moon Folk Club, Edmonton, AB 
Women of Folkways Concert – Winter Roots Roundup VI, VIII, and IX 
(shared bills with Joan Besen, Maria Dunn, Linda McRae, Shawna Caspi, Rachel Ries, and Rachel Eddy) 
Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, BC 
Wild Mountain Music Festival, AB 
Nickelodeon Music Club, Calgary, AB 
Green Meadows Festival, UK 
Sofa Sessions, Kettering, UK 
Wild Oats and Notes Festival, AB 
Pembina River Nights Festival, AB 
Edmonton Folk Music Festival, AB 
South Country Fair, AB 
North Country Fair, AB 
The Green Note, London, UK 
Kispiox Valley Music Festival, BC 
Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, SK 
Welshpool Festival, UK 
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, UK 
Thimbleberry Hill Festival, UK 
Bitan Music Festival, Taiwan 
Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan